The targaryen house crest and the hydra logo look remarkably similar when I’m scrolling really fast and not paying attention. Very disappointed that AOS is not, in fact, crossing over with GOT this season.

much like once upon a time, where everything is connected to rumpelstiltskin, the majority of the weirdness in sleepy hollow has some sort of a relationship to ichabod. except sleepy hollow actually manages to pull it off whereas once upon a time just makes me roll my eyes.

What I wouldn’t give to see Abbie in colonial wear.

Omg don’t kill Caroline she is my second favorite minor character after Yolanda

but omg at the image of poor miss caroline sitting at like a loom or something weaving a linen shirt and then sewing it by hand 

oh ichabod, you unintentional ladykiller

I think I would actually like Gotham a lot better if it was just about Alfred and Bruce.

The knave and hook are the only things keeping this season from being completely unwatchable. So basically, morally grey guys who wear leather and speak in British accents.

basically hook’s evil hand is the equivalent of the older brother who hits you in the face with your own hand and then tells you to stop hitting yourself.

conncrwclsh asked: will you be continuing your pie vs spy fanfiction?

conncrwclsh, yes, I will be continuing it! I know it’s been a very, very long time since I last updated, but I am working on it, slowly but surely. 

My headcanon is that Trip secretly visits Ward on a regular basis and talks to him and is the first member of the team to forgive him.

Because Trip is in the unique position in that he feels the same betrayal that the team felt, but he also understands what it was like working under Garrett. He feels that same anger, which is why he visits Ward in secret, because he knows the team is still too emotional to forgive him and that they will need more time before they can face him. But he also remembers that feeling of loyalty and devotion to Garrett, a man who made him feel like he was important, like he was worth something. 

I think Trip sees Ward and believes that, in another life, he could have been in the same situation. 


I’m the kind of person that whenever I have something good to say, I say it.

It’s not because I want to flatter people.

It’s because I like sharing a good comment.

So you should know, whatever comes out of my mouth, is true.

Some love under the cut.

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hi-everyone-this-is-anna is the biggest sweetheart and an actual angel, I’m pretty sure.

This makes me laugh so much harder than it should.




seeking-further-illumination asked: I noticed that you liveblogged last night's episode of Arrow. I was just wondering if you have any plans to write any Arrow meta? I always look forward to your Agents of Shield meta and I have a feeling that you have just as many insights into Arrow and its characters as you do b of Agents of Shield and its characters. Keep up the amazing work. "See" you next week.

Thanks for the kind words, seeking-further-illumination! As for Arrow metas, probably not, but maybe? I watch that show very very casually and must admit that I actually never watched season one, watched a handful of episodes of season two, and am really only watching season three for Olicity. That said, I did like the first two episodes, so we’ll see how the season goes.

Role reversals and parallels - 1x01, 1x17, 2x04

In season one, Coulson firmly believes that taking a life is not an option, whereas May is the one who is willing to make the hard calls if the situation requires it. In season two, Coulson would rather die than be driven to madness the way Garrett was by GH-325, while May is the one fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But some things never change. Coulson still believes in saving people and May is still focused on protecting him. It’s just that now, Coulson thinks that death may be the best way to save himself. And now, May is no longer going behind his back, but rather trusting him and his orders, which is why she ultimately respects his wishes and agrees to kill him as a last resort, even though it’s not something she ever wants to do.

ok but like is it really necessary to keep showing that scene with the bonfire and the cheerleader being thrown in the air every. single. episode??

how to get away with murder? more like, how to get away with using the same opening montage over and over again.